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Visiting Puerto Rico for just a day or two? Don't worry, you can still experience and discover plenty of site in San Juan and Condado, the capital of Puerto Rico. But first, read this.

Puerto Rico. The island of enchantments and the Pearl of the Caribbean. From the historical sites at Old San Juan, exquisite bar and restaurants all over Condado, Isla Verde and Piñones, to the tropical rainforest of El Yunque. From north to south, east to west, Puerto Rico is the island where to be. where there is so much to do, that you’ll like to experience it all. But, still if you're staying for a day or two and still want to have a good time, we can break it down for you.

Day 1: Through Condado

If you are just arriving from the airport, take just a 10 minute drive to The Wave Hotel, located in Condado to first leave your bags at the rooms. Then, after fretting up a little bit, wander around the Condado area at feet, to take in the tropical breeze. Walking through Condado you can enjoy on some amazing restaurants that serve Puerto Rican famous dishes like Mofongo (mashed platains) or Arroz Mamposteao’ (rice and beans) with pork. Or you can purchase your souvenirs, because honestly, who doesn't want a souvenir of the places they visit? And don't forget to get some refreshments to have in your mini fridge in the room. After eating your mofongo and having a full stomach, take a walk in the Condado beach front, breathe in that fresh air and feel the sand on your feet as the sun sets for the day.

The night has arrive but still looking to enjoy a little bit of Puerto Rico, enjoy a nice Mojito (a Puerto Rican drink based on rum, lime and mint), at a local bar, restaurant or better yet, enjoy our jacuzzi and the view from our rooftop, available for you to just relax before going to bed.

Day 2: Old San Juan and a little extra

Well, there is no time to stay in when there is so much to experience at Old San Juan. So, get up and get ready to a walking tour or just walk around the over 500 year old city of San Juan. But before, enjoy a nice Puerto Rican’s coffee at Chocolate Cortes in the San Francisco Street. Then, visit Sam Felipe del Morro, known as “El Morro” and the San Cristobal fortresses at the north of the island for just $7 dollars. Feeling hungry? Have a nice meal at Barrachina, the creators of la Piña Colada, a refreshing drink made of pineapple juice and coconut creme with some rum if you prefer. Better yet, if looking for a rum experience take a boat ride to Cataño to visit the Bacardi Factory at the other side of the San Juan bay.

Here, you can enjoy a nice drink from one of the best rum that is shipped to 86% of the world from our little island. Know a little bit from the history of the Bacardi and even get to know the recipes from three famous drinks with the Mixology Tour. At the end of the day, head back to The Wave Hotel for the night and a goodnight sleep.


You have Condado to walk around, buy souvenir, eat your first ever Mofongo and enjoy the night at our Rooftop jacuzzi. Next you have San Juan to visit the historical city and El Morro and San Cristobal fortresses, eat at Barrachina (try the Piña Colada) and later on taking a trip to Casa Bacardi to experience the authentic Puerto Rican rum experience.

Don’t forget to take some amazing pictures, have a great time and to #FeelTheWave If still looking for more to do, visit our location section at our website or ask our staff for incredible sites and places to visit on your short but full of experience stay with us.

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